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Bag Tag Rules

Harrisonburg Disc Golf Community 2008 Bag Tag Challenge Rules & Regulations 

Challenge Dates: The 2008 Bag Tag Challenge will conclude at midnight on December 31st 2008.  We may even hold some sort of award ceremony if we get enough interest.   


Players may sign up in a number of ways:

 1 – Midtowne Market:  There are several employees/owners of Midtowne who will all have Bag Tag information and the ability to sell tags/sign-up players.  Tags will be available at Midtowne after 2/2/08.  Please note that while most of the staff will be able to handle Bag Tag related questions there will be a limited number of hours each week when one of those employees may not be there, and tags may not be available.  We will try to keep up with the specific hours they are available at Midtowne on www.hburgdiscgolf.wordpress.com , but the best way to find out is by calling ahead: (540) 434-7623. 

2 – Ice Bowl 2008:  Directly after the Ice Bowl we will hold an open enrollment, distribute the first tags of the year, and start the first Harrisonburg Bag Tag Challenge. 

3 – In Person:  You may contact any of the administrators of www.hburgdiscgolf.wordpress.com to arrange a meeting to sign up and get a tag.   Midtowne is the preferred method of signing-up, and will likely be the best option for most players. 

All players are encouraged to download and fill out our sign-up form in advance.  The forms are available at www.hburgdiscgolf.wordpress.com .  Players are also encouraged to look over the rules prior to sign up, they are available for download at www.hburgdiscgolf.wordpress.com .


1 – Have Fun!  Remember it’s only a tag.  Everyone should conduct themselves according to the rules, and with the spirit of competition in mind.  This challenge is intended to encourage friendly competition & interaction between members of the Harrisonburg Disc Golf Community.

2 –  You must carry your bag tag with you every time you play.  Tags must not be hidden.  Why wouldn’t you proudly display your tag anyway?  Be prepared to exchange your tag every single time you play a round of disc golf (good or bad).   

3 – All challenges are free.  However, friendly side-wagers are welcome as long as all parties agree prior to the start of the round.

4 – Any player who knows they are going to leave the area or no longer participate in the Bag Tag is asked to return their tag to any administrator, or drop it off at Midtowne Market.  No refunds will be given.  Please return your tag, they are not cheap to replace.


1 – The higher Bag Tag challenges the lower Bag Tag. Challenges can be by phone, e-mail or in person.  

PHONE/E-MAIL: You may only challenge tags within 5 numbers of your own tag.

The challenged player must give the challenger at least two (2) times to meet in the next two (2) weeks or they must forfeit the tag. If challenger can not meet during that timeline, the challenge is void.  Not showing up for a match results in a forfeit. (minimum 20 minute leeway)  Please work with your fellow players to find tee times which work for all involved.  Nobody wants to win a tag via forfeit. 

IN PERSON: Not limited by numbers: Bag Tag 69 could challenge Bag Tag 1. If players are both at a course they can play for tags regardless of numbers.  Players do not have to accept a challenge issued by a player that is not within 5 spaces.  While players can turn down a challenger who is more than 5 spaces away, they are encouraged to accept all challenges to increase game play and interaction with their fellow players.  (If you are good enough to be  #10 and #38 challenges you, you probably don’t have to fear losing your tag anyway.)   

2 – The default challenge is a one-on-one stroke play match at Westover Park.  However, if all parties agree prior to the start of the match they may choose a different course, tees, or a match play format.  Absolutely no doubles/triples etc. of any kind. PDGA rules apply. Modified rules allowed only with prior agreement of all players. If the challenger wins the round, the tags are exchanged.  

3 – Solo rounds are not permitted for a challenge. The only time challenge opponents are not required to play in the same group is during tournament play.

4 – Ties will be decided by a play-off hole(s) using sudden death rules.  The player with the lowest bag tag number will decide which hole to use.

5 – You don’t have to play back-to-back challenge rounds against the same player or in a multi-player match with the exact same opponents. A player can’t challenge you, lose to you, and immediately challenge you again for another round. However, if ALL parties agree, consecutive round challenges are allowed. Challenges MUST be verbally agreed upon at the beginning of EACH round.

6 – Incomplete round: If a player does not complete a bag tag challenge round, the exiting player should trade tags with the player with the highest tag number. If play is stopped by all players before the round is complete, no tags are exchanged. This could be due to hazardous weather, physical emergency or mutual agreement.

7 – Multiple people at the same course at the same time can have a group challenge.  The tags are thrown into a pool and distributed by score at the end of the round.  Ties will result in a sudden death hole(s) played only by the tied competitors.

8 – Tournaments: If more than one Bag Tag member plays in any tournament that is not specifically Bag Tag oriented, they may choose to put their tags up for grabs.  Each player who decides to wager his/her tag will throw their tags into a pool and redistribute them based on tournament score.  Players must decide prior to the start of the Tournament if they are going to wager their tags.

9 – Absent/Missing Players Policy:  If a player can not be reached for a challenge within a two week period (they are completely non-responsive, not returning any calls/e-mails) the player who is trying to challenge that person may privately contact any administrator of www.hburgdiscgolf.wordpress.com .   Do not post that someone is not able to be reached in any of the public areas of www.hburgdiscgolf.wordpress.com , simply call or e-mail an administrator.   Once notified of the situation, the administrator will leave a voice message and send an e-mail to the person that can not be reached notifying them that they have two weeks from that date to respond or their tag will be forfeited to the player who issued the challenge.  If they do not respond / can not accept a challenge within that second two-week period their tag will be forfeited, and they will receive the new lower number if/when they contact the Bag Tag league. 

If a player knows that they are going to be out of town or unable to play they may notify any administrator in advance in order to receive a two-week “freeze” on their ranking.  That player will be listed as “frozen” on the rankings, and will receive no penalty for not accepting challenges during the “frozen” time. 

This policy allows up to a 6 week time period before a player forfeits their tag.  Please note that any player who is absent longer than 6 weeks throughout the year will likely drop in the rankings before their return to the league, and have to play their way back to the top.   


All Rankings will be posted on www.hburgdiscgolf.wordpress.com .  The site will update the rankings within 48 hours of proper notification.

Player Contact:

Each bag tag challenge member will have access to a private page on www.hburgdiscgolf.wordpress.com which contains the contact info for all players.


Within 48 hours of any bag tag exchange all parties must report the results of the match to the Harrisonburg Disc Golf Community.  Results will be accepted via e-mail, blog post, or in-person to any community member who has administrative privileges at www.hburgdiscgolf.wordpress.com .

Any and all disputes (hopefully we won’t have any) may be submitted via e-mail, blog post, phone, or in-person to any community member who has administrative privileges at www.hburgdiscgolf.wordpress.com .  We encourage all players to try their best to handle their own disputes before seeking official help.  Remember, it’s just a tag!


Each Bag Tag Member will pay $10 for a tag and challenge membership fees.   

Lost Tags –   You guessed it – $10.  Try not to lose your tag, the cost of replacing a single tag is actually more than the $10 replacement fee, and the extra amount will have to come out of whatever budget funds are available at the time of loss. 

What we do with your money:  All collected funds are listed on a private “budget” page on www.hburgdiscgolf.wordpress.com which all members may access at any time.  This budget may only be used to help fund Bag Tag or Disc Golf Community related expenses.  Some expenses may be, but are not limited to the following: replacement/additional tags & materials, prizes, marketing materials, group parties, tournaments, new disc golf baskets for local parks etc…  All players are encouraged to make suggestions about how to best use any extra funds at the end of the season.  For more information about where your money is going, please visit the budget page.  


This is a new experience for everyone involved, with that in mind these rules may change or be amended at any time throughout the year.  As problems arise we will try our best to address them.  Thanks for joining, see you on the course!

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