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Archive for March, 2009

2009 Bag Tag Update

Posted by harrisonburgdiscgolf on March 26, 2009

Recent feedback from some 2008 players

indicates a preference to re-use the tags from

last year. This would save a considerable

amount of club money that could be put to

better uses. We would still have to order

replacements for tags that are out of


If the consensus is to re-use last year’s tags, we

would ask for all old tags to be returned to the

Rec. Center by Easter weekend. Then, tags not

returned could be replaced prior to a tag

tourney to establish the pecking order for 2009.

Please give your feedback through the comment

button, or e-mail to eds@harrisonburgva.gov.


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Disc Golf Doubles

Posted by harrisonburgdiscgolf on March 25, 2009

Disc Golf Doubles began on Wednesday, March

11 with 10 participants. We resumed on March

18 with 16 players, who enjoyed the warm early

spring weather. Doubles will continue through

fall, as long as we have daylight. Based on

feedback at the Ice Bowl, we have pushed the

starting time back to 5:45 pm for the first group

to tee off. Subsequent groups will tee off after

that, so if you can’t get here as early, we should

still be able to get you in.

Doubles is a Captain’s Choice format, where

players are paired in a random draw. Expert

players may be paired with beginners. 

The better of two throws is chosen, and the next

 throw is taken from there. This is a very casual

atmosphere, and there is nothing to lose. So,

what’s your excuse for not playing? It is a great

way to meet new players and improve your


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Ice Bowl 2009 Results

Posted by harrisonburgdiscgolf on March 25, 2009

The Harrisonburg Ice Bowl 2009 was a huge

success. With the sponsorship of Harrisonburg

Parks & Recreation, we were able to raise

$1,000 for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

Prize sponsorship totaled $782 from a total of

12 sponsors, including Harrisonburg Disc Golf

Club from 2008 Bag Tag sales. We collected

a total of 281 pounds of food for the Food Bank.

We had a total of 32 players, with the youngest

being 7 year old Sam Healy.

Top finishers per division on the Harrisonburg

Ice Bowl 2009, played at Westover Disc Golf

Course are as follows:

Open Division                         Score

1. Brad Fiala                                     67

2. Evan Hicklin                               68

3. Jeff Hoodock                              70


1. Ben Blackmer                             72

2. Michael Mongold                     74

3. John Marr                                   75


1. Kevin Smith                                91

2. Doug White                                 95


1. Jen Steele                                  101


1. Sam Healy                                 184

A huge thank you goes out to Mike Cast for all

of his help in Ice Day organization, and Jen

Steele for tabulating all of the entries and resuls.

And, after seeing what all goes into organizing

such an event, many thannks to Johnny

Griffin for all the hard work organizing the

first five Ice Bowls at Westover Disc Golf Course.

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