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without further delay…

Posted by johnmarr on June 18, 2008

Sorry the site hasn’t been updated in a few weeks.  I got married on the 31st, and just got back from the honeymoon this week.  Tim is getting married this week so he hasn’t had time to work on the site.  I’m not sure what Ben’s excuse is, but I’m sure it’s good.  Please forgive us for not keeping up, we promise it won’t happen again. 

I worked on the rankings yesterday so they should be at least close to correct.  (Thanks to everyone who sent in their tag changes over the past 3 weeks.)

The Big News –

Many of you already know that I met with Lee Foerster from Parks & Rec a few months ago to inquire about the possibility of improving the tee boxes.  Lee liked the idea of adding concrete boxes ( like these ) to the course, but Parks and Rec doesn’t have the money in it’s budget to cover the cost of the entire project (they can help with part of the cost).  If the Harrisonburg Disc Golf Club can find a way to raise the remaining funds, and help install the boxes, we can have shiny new tee boxes.  We can start installing them as early as September. 

Sounds good, right?

Well, here is what needs to happen before we can move forward:

1.  We need to determine how much each installation will cost, and find a way to raise that money (our current budget is probably not going to go very far in this project).  Some ideas that Tim, Ben & I were floating around include: tournaments, donations, & selling movie tickets (fundraiser style).

2.  Once we have our plan, we need to come up with a detailed proposal including pricing estimates and pictures/sketches to present to Lee.  This proposal also needs to outline how the boxes should be installed, who is going to do what, and all of the other nitty gritty details.  I’ve already done quite a bit of research on the subject and I have a pretty good idea of where to head with this proposal, but help would be appreciated.

So that’s where we stand.  If anyone would like to help with this project, please contact me.  Let’s pull together and get some new tee pads.


7 Responses to “without further delay…”

  1. Tim said

    Any ideas on how to get my wife (as of tomorrow) to play more disc golf are also encouraged.

  2. ryan z said

    I will strip and dance on any hole on the weekends, people can tip me with money or beer and iwll donate for the tee boxes. On a more serious note, i am willing to cook for a charity dinner to raise the money! If it comes to be an idea that people are interested in, i can set something up.

  3. Bell said

    My question is will Ryan be stripping to raise money for tee boxes or to encourage tim’s wife to play more.

  4. sp said

    Since we all now Ryan strips for men, we think tees.

    Do you have more information on the cost/tee, park contribution/tee, or the park flat contribution?

    We definitely need someone who knows what they’re doing for installation.

  5. johnmarr said

    I have a pretty detailed list of estimated costs, and a fairly good grasp of how they need to be installed. (Ben & I researched concrete installation many months ago, and called around for pricing on stone to be be spread under the pads.) I am hesitant to actually list out everything on the site because it is pretty lengthy, and not everyone is going to be interested.

    I think the basic outline of what is going to happen to install a tee is this:

    1 – We purchase wood, and gravel
    2 – We dig the appropriate size hole for a tee box. (If we need to use heavy equipment due to rocks, Lee said that Parks and Rec would take over the digging. I suspect that much of the digging will need heavy equipment – we are Rocktown.)
    3 – We install a wooden frame in the hole
    4 – We spread gravel in the hole
    5 – Parks and Rec pours the concrete

    The costs that we would be responsible for are the wooden frames and the gravel. If we happen to raise too much money, I’m sure that Parks & Rec would apreciate us helping to pay for the concrete as well. (They don’t have the biggest budget, and it’s extremely nice of them to volunteer the concrete and some man power.)

    There are also some other additions that Lee and I discussed. 1- A post next to each tee pad to hang bags from, and 2 – More trash cans throughout the disc golf course. (Maybe every 3 or 4 holes). We didn’t discuss who would purchase the trash cans, but we would be responsible for the posts.

    I’m sure other things will come up, and the plan may change.

    Right now I am trying to find out if anyone in our group has any type of skills/time they would like to contribute to help with the proposal, and a bit more research. I would also like to form some kind of a core group to help with the planning and execution of this project. If anyone is interested e-mail me. johnmarr1@gmail.com

    I hope that helps answer a few questions. See you guys on the course.

  6. johnny2trees said

    once again I want remind everyone to come out on the 5&6th for the cookout (this may be a good time for everyone to meet and talk about the tee box issue)

  7. bill said

    What times Johnny?

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