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Weather Douses Doubles

Posted by mojo28 on June 4, 2008

Due to the thunderstorms this afternoon, and the prediction of severe weather this evening 6/4/08, Disc Golf Doubles will be cancelled tonight. We do not want a bunch of players in the far reaches of the park with thunderstorms approaching. Plus, as we all know, the course will be extremely soggy this evening.

On an unrelated note, I have attempted to post results of the past two doubles. As a neoposter, I realized today to follow the directions provided. I will attempt to post what I attempted prior. With a little luck, the other posts will follow.


2 Responses to “Weather Douses Doubles”

  1. Chris Bell said

    Wow, sure wish I had seen this post before I headed out. Apparently Ryan didn’t see it either bc we both showed up and after waiting for about 15 minutes for anyone else to show up decided to play for tags and hope things would blow over.

    Things were looking up for me after Ryan’s 6 on #1 then we kept even for the next 8 holes. Around #8 we heard the announcement to get the hell out of the pool. This was the loudest thing I have ever heard over those speakers. They were not fooling around. When we teed off at 10 I was poised to swap my sorry 44 for his 20 with a 2 stroke lead.

    Thats when it hit. It went from day to night in about 60 seconds. We high tailed it for the lot from the hole at 10 but got soaked head to tail anyway. As I’m pulling out of the lot i hear the loudest bang ever, see a flash of light that for a second I thought were headlights of a car about to tbone me then realized it was lightning striking what i’m pretty sure was the building connecting to the pool (hope you weren’t in there Ed).

    3 seconds later a transformer explodes on 33 looking like the fourth of july. Probably the most intense thing i have ever seen. Reasoning kicked in and I high tailed it to the parking deck to take refuge at Finnigans, the most reasonable course of action. Wow, what a day… sure wish i could have snagged that 20 tag. 8)

  2. Ed Steele said

    Such is the nature of cancellations. We try to wait it out and not cancel if the weather holds. It was a guess, but fortunately, no major harm done. Sorry you didn’t get 20. I’m sure Finnegan’s provided plenty of consolation!

    Oh, apparently, the building didn’t take the hit, and I was far away!

    If we can predict further in advance, we will post earlier.

    Thanks, and see you on the course!

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