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Great Weather and Press Bring Out Big Crowd For Doubles

Posted by mojo28 on May 1, 2008

With the promise of a DNR reporter and photographer at Doubles on April 30, we had 17 players participate. The reporter, Elizabeth Rome, and photographer, Michael Reilly were with various groupings throughout the 18 holes of Westover. I’m not sure when the article will print, but it will be in a supplement about “the Valley.”

We have had the best weather all spring for Wednesday Doubles. This past week was no exception. The sun came out in late afternoon, and warmed the course up nicely for the competition.  The first card featured Mike Cast and Rick Bowman paired against Mike Bowman and John Marr. This evenly matched card ended up tied at +1.

The second card featured the father/son combo of Steve and Ben Blackmer, paired against Johnny Griffin, and C. Jones. This card was won by Griffin/Jones with  -1, vs.  +5. The final card of the night featured Ryan Jones and Ben Earman against the final three leftovers, of Chris Bell, Aaron Bowman, and Ed Steele. This card was pretty close until the last few holes, where Ryan and Ben pulled out a victory with a score of -6 to -1, and they actually used some of Ben’s shots! (Sorry Ben, no offense intended.)

As usual, Disc Golf Doubles was as enjoyable as any other night of play. New players of all abilities are encouraged to participate. This is as low key as an event can get.

With time considerations, would anyone be interested in backing the starting time to 6:00? This might allow some players who work until 5 or 5:30 to get here and play. If there is enough feedback, we could have flights, where the first group tees off around 5:30, and another group gathers for 6:00 tee times. With the informal nature of doubles, this might be worth trying.

Thanks to all for supporting Disc Golf.


3 Responses to “Great Weather and Press Bring Out Big Crowd For Doubles”

  1. Elizabeth Rome said

    Hi, “the reporter” here!

    I’m on your site researching for the story (thanks for the shout-out btw) and I just wanted to clarify that the story will be in next Thursday’s (5/8) Escape section. That’s the arts & entertainment tab.

    I hope everybody likes it, Mike and I had a lot of fun last night chasing you all around 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Rome said

    oops, that smiley with the sunglasses was supposed to be an 8

  3. Chris Bell said

    Anybody looking to get a doubles game going on later this week? It looks like we are going to get pounded this afternoon

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