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Baseball is cool, but I know something better…

Posted by tbrady on April 20, 2008

I recently got back from watching my Baltimore Orioles beat the tar out of the NY 260 Million Dollar Payroll’s 6-0. Its not a common occurrence for the Os to beat the Yanks (though that is twice this season), but live baseball is just as nostalgic “spring” for me as cutting the grass twice a week or the regret that follows jumping into a stream that’s still on winter time. Made me think that I needed any excuse that I could get to be outside, I’m positive that disc golf is the answer. I’ve missed the Wednesday doubles (work), and the Saturday High Noon Showdowns (wedding planning) but have heard through the vine that they’re going strong.

We need more though, and I’m thinking that it’s time to call out all the club members that haven’t been putting their club identity on the “edge”, aka, the only place to truly live. I think an effort from all the “I’ve got 45 minuets, I’ll do another round if we play fast” people to challenge one person from the club who hasn’t gotten involved yet is in order. In my mind, the challenges will be in the same spirit as we’ve already established; fun first, meet new people, take all comers, and if you beat me it’s just an excuse for me to play you twice as hard tomorrow.

The contact page has everybody’s email addresses’ and a lot of phone numbers. Under club rules anyone 5 places in front of you on the tag rankings has to accept a challenge and find a agreeable date for a game in 2 weeks. But like I said this is not an excuse to weasel anyone out of their tag, just an attempt to involve people who willingly signed up for the club in the first place (that said, I can hear the saliva dripping on the #2 and #3 tags from here). Call it forced fun for the uninvolved if you will, but it isn’t like anyone tried to make them play in the snow.


12 Responses to “Baseball is cool, but I know something better…”

  1. John Fontana said

    Had a thought, but this would only be feasible if the numbers were only tracked online and not physically swapped. Anyway:

    When someone fails to respond to a challenge, the idea is that after a total of 4 weeks, the challenger automatically gets the tag of the person challenged, right? But what if #26 challenges #28, then in the waiting period, #26 plays and beats #16 in a pick-up game? When #28’s time is up to respond to the initial challenge, the new #16 obviously wouldn’t want to swap with #26.

    Even if the above scenario didn’t happen, and they wanted the unresponsive player’s number, I think those unresponsive should automatically be sent to the bottom of the rankings, and everyone else bumped up, instead of swapping numbers. It’s only fair, plus there’s not enough time in the season to bump unresponsive players to the bottom by the end of the year.

    And besides, how are we going to physically swap the tags with those unresponsive anyway?

  2. John Fontana said

    oops, had that backwards… #28 challenges #26.

  3. bill said

    I’m confused

  4. Tim said

    John Fontana, I’ve thought about the situation that you bring up. Basically, someone challenges another player who has to accept, but before they can play their game, the challenger loses his high tag and falls down the ranking. So instead of a 16 V 11, it’s a 21 V 11 by the time the challenge can be met. It can work the other way as well, the challenger has already leap-froged the challengee and now has no higher tag to play for. Problematic for sure.

    I’d like to hear as many voices on this issue as possible, but my personal feelings are as follows. The spirit of the bag tag play is that it gives us all an extra edge of excitement/fun when we play. If the challenger has fallen down the ranks before his challenge is met there is even more on the line, and therefore, more excitement/fun. It’s important to remember that if it’s possible to take drastic falls down the ranks, it’s just as possible to make a quick climb. For that reason I think that a challenge should be upheld regardless of what has happened in the interim. If the challenger is now ahead, I think he should man up and play the game he proposed regardless, after all this is all for fun, we don’t have any Vegas bookies involved…yet.

    Completely unresponsive players are going to remain as just that, unresponsive. As you said, with physical tags involved we don’t really have anyway to move them to the bottom and swap everybody else up.

    I’ll talk to John, Johnny, and Ben, but what I propose is that people write a quick email when they can’t get a player to respond to a challenge, if we get two we’ll place them on an IA (inactive) next to their name, kind of a scarlet letter that lets the rest of use know that they are gone or unresponsive. When it comes time to kick off next years bad tag (Ice Bowl 2009) any remaining IA’s will start at the bottom of the rankings. The number of IA’s who will sign up again will be very low in my mind, but we certainly are not going to exclude anyone from joining. It should never be a witch hunt though, if someone is out of town, their mother is sick, or they’ve had embarrassing excessive hair growth on their ears, when they resurface, they will swap tags, then be able to become an active member once again.

    Overall, everything seems to be flowing perfectly. Nobody I know got involved in this because they needed more structure in their lives. That said, it is necessary to have structure to have a functioning club. But, if we all remember that the focus is fun, the structure will be more like the rebar inside a bridge than a leg cast.

    P.S. If I’d ever been willing to write the amount of words that I just wrote on this subject back in the day I would have graduated college no problem. If anyone wants to philosophize on the nature of motivation, education, or late night word spillage, you should probably just email me personally.

  5. bill said

    Would it be possible to freeze a person’s tag number if they are involved in a legitimate challenge? I would define a legitimate challenge as one that has been met with a positive response thereby setting it as a priority in order. I challenge Tim, he accepts, he plays again before we can meet. His number is frozen until we play, or the two weeks are up. The same would obviously apply to me. No response, no commitment.

  6. John Fontana said

    I hadn’t thought about the situation where the challengee DOES accept after the challenger moves in ranking. In that case, I agree, the challenger should always accept, regardless.

    I’m still concerned about rankings changing without tags physically being swapped, in the case of swapping ranks with an unresponsive player. I say that the challenger and challengee do not swap. The challengee gets the scarlet IA, and the challenger moves on. All it really takes is a visit to Westover on Saturday to find someone to play with.

    The other idea is to eliminate challenges all together, and just have set times for bag-tagging events, like Saturdays and one weekday (6 preferably.. since I get off work then). If we had these events, it would encourage more community, AND make it easy to collect rankings/scores. But I understand it is a little taboo to remove the freedom of challenges.


  7. John Fontana said

    hmm.. that blockquote didn’t really work the way I wanted it to.. oh well!

  8. johnmarr said

    In the beginning we bought a pile of blank tags for the very situation being discussed. If we find a player that is not responding, we CAN physically give a new tag to the person who was trying to challenge him/her. Granted that tag won’t be quite as shiny and nice as the one with the number pre-printed, but it will serve the same purpose.

    I don’t like the idea of moving someone immediately to the bottom of the rankings when they don’t respond. It brings up a completely new list of problems that I would like to avoid if possible.

    Currently if you challenge someone and the don’t respond you will get their “tag” and ranking and we will give the unresponsive person your rank. The next person that challenges them and doesn’t recieve a response can contact us and we can give them the appropriate tag. They will move down the ranks in that manner until they begin responding (if ever).

    I know the current system isn’t 100% perfect, but I don’t know of any that would be.

    The important thing for me has just been to go out and have fun, I think if we can all keep that same kind of mentality than these issues won’t seem nearly as important. I mean – this IS disc golf, last I heard there wasn’t any life or death betting going on based on plastic tags.

    I agree it is really dissapointing that people have signed up and are not taking part, but I think it is a very small number (maybe 3 or 4).

  9. John Fontana said

    I’m just thinking out loud here- don’t mean to sound CONCERNED. I’m supremely excited that we are where we are, and a major hats-off to you guys who got the ball rolling!

  10. john griffan said

    this entire problem can be solved by some of you dudes calling out these tag sitters. I would also like some contact info on jeff if he is going to sit on #1 (It makes it hard to issue a challange when thay have no info)

  11. john griffan said

    I would also like to get as many of the guys out as we can for my 5&6 of july chickin wing and disc golf fling
    (shelter #3 all day) (also I think that some of these people joined simply to help the club get going and not so much for the tag play so perhaps next year we need to offer some form of membership to these folks that does’nt involve tags)

  12. johnmarr said


    You can get Jeff’s contact info from the “Players Contact” tab.


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