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Disc Golf Doubles

Posted by mojo28 on April 4, 2008

We have completed two weeks of Disc Golf Doubles. On March 26, we had 8 official participants, with the team of Ryan and Steve recording a hot 48. Second team was Johnny and Mike with a round of 52. Next was the Ricksters, Rick and Ricky with a 54. Finishing the card was the team of Ed and Kevin with a round of 59. Lots of players on the course that evening, with Doubles, a bag tag challenge, and several groups of college students enjoying the Westover Disc Golf Coruse!

The next week, we saw 14 Doubles players. The top card on April 2 was Rex and Steve with a score of 50. Hmmmm, that’s two weeks in a row that Steve is on the top card. Break up the dynasty! There was a tie for second with Joe and Kevin sharing a score of 54 with Johnny and Rick. Mike and Ed were next with a 56, followed by Jeff and Becky with a 58. Chris and Theo came in with a 62, followed by a card of 69 with names I could not read. With a 69, no wonder! Sorry about that!

Disc Golf Doubles is open to any player of any ability. You do not have to belong to the Club, or be a Bag Tag participant. We begin at 5:30 with a blind draw to determine partners. Both players throw from the same spot, taking the best of the two throws. It is a great way for players to meet new players, learn new skills and techniques unique to Westover. It is a very low key event, with more laughter than anguish! Come on out for a mid-week evening of fun. We are usually done by 7:30.


One Response to “Disc Golf Doubles”

  1. johnmarr said


    I’m happy you’re able to post all of this info. I’m not quite so happy to report that Jesse & I were the team that had the 69 this week.

    Oh well, there’s always next week.


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