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Staunton is Different

Posted by tbrady on April 1, 2008

Staunton is different (as noted above) but not because they’ve decided to pronounce all the letters in their name, their disc golf course has changed. What was hole 3 is now hole 1, former up is now down, and black is actually white. Overall, the new hole placements were tastefully done, and I don’t think any past fans of the course will be upset unless they’re like me (I hate change) and are irked when one bar of soap dissolves and they have to open a new one.

In other news, Steve found tag #13 on the course the other day, I believe it’s Theo’s, in which case he can claim it at any time. If it’s some kind of cursed booby trap, I guess I’ll catch on to the joke when I wake up with a shrunken head…


18 Responses to “Staunton is Different”

  1. bill said

    So the hole placements are tastefully done. Does that mean they have dried flower arrangements highlighting them? Perhaps a nice sculpture like one of those armless greek goddesses mounted on top of the cage? I think I’d rather see the armless sculpture. Could we set up a suggestion box for stuff like that?

  2. Tim said

    and the only naked women are ones you regret seeing, that’s how you know it’s art and not smut. Like I said, tastefull.

  3. john griffan said

    Perhaps we should consider some landscaping of our own here in the burg. I realy think that a nice fountain or a ornate obelisk would really dress up the course. (I have good friend who as a designer and manufactuer or fine obelisks could get us a realy great deal)

  4. bill said

    Tee box bag racks made from seahorse birdbaths might be a nice touch.

  5. earmanba said

    I think our masculine mushrooms on hole 14 are a good starting point.

  6. Tim said

    What about rocks with speakers in them? I know that they’re low class at an amusement park, but what if we played Jazz through them? Jazz is always a symbol of a classy/educated person.

  7. bill said

    Two words: Chinese Lanterns

  8. john griffan said

    What a great idea but why stop there? I think that a humongous gold and red japanise pagota with ornamental rock garden (with speakers built in)and of course synchronized japanise lanterens would be great. Because that would give me a great setting to put on the all canine kabuki theatre production of Mad Max that I’ve been dreaming about. (staring biko, woodstock, herman, eli, martha, hunter, maya, and mojo)

  9. sp said

    Sounds like a plan, but LE will probably insist on being Mad Max

  10. john griffan said

    I almost forgot jenn, rusty.

  11. bill said

    Maybe you could get Dinki Dee Dog Food to sponsor the event?

  12. Tim said

    Hey, I know it isn’t really a decoration but what about air conditioning? Sometimes it gets hot in the park.

    P.S. Maya would definately want to be Mad Max, and if not allowed, would show up as someone even more bad ass like Hulk Holgan or Bill Braskie.

  13. sp said

    They’ll have to meet in Thunderdome, 2 dogs enter 1 dog leaves.

  14. Tim said

    A battle for the ages. I’ll warn you though, she might show up with a face tattoo, and we all know how intimidating those are.

  15. bill said

    On another note, if the course keeps getting the traffic increases we’ve already seen, it might be a good move to set up a hot dog stand at the turn.

  16. Tim said

    Bill, when we played in Staunton last week there actually was a stand set up on hole 17 selling hamburgers and hotdogs to the softball players. I think 5 of the 6 players on are card partook in some way. I guess what I’m saying is that anyones got start up capital I got man hours.

  17. john griffan said

    I was paired up with ed yesterday and it sounds like we can get the snack bar at westover (the window facing hole 12) to serve us discheads. Is that cool or what?
    (Great minds think alike.)

  18. john griffan said

    discgolf westover 5:30
    poker theo’s 8:30
    need i say more

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