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Archive for April, 2008

Disc Golf Doubles & the DNR Woo Hoo!

Posted by johnmarr on April 29, 2008

It looks like our little group is about to get some attention from the local media.  A reporter from the DNR contacted us this week to see if it would be alright to do a story about us.  She will be conducting interviews at this Wednesday’s ( 4/30/08 ) Doubles Match.  If anyone wants to come out and talk to the press, or just wants a chance to get their picture in the paper please come out to the Wednesday match.  As always the match will kick off at about 5:30pm from tee number one.     

The weather looks pretty amazing tomorrow afternoon, so even if you don’t want to be in the paper it’s still gonna be a really good opportunity to get outside and sling some discs.   

Hope to see everyone out there!


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Baseball is cool, but I know something better…

Posted by tbrady on April 20, 2008

I recently got back from watching my Baltimore Orioles beat the tar out of the NY 260 Million Dollar Payroll’s 6-0. Its not a common occurrence for the Os to beat the Yanks (though that is twice this season), but live baseball is just as nostalgic “spring” for me as cutting the grass twice a week or the regret that follows jumping into a stream that’s still on winter time. Made me think that I needed any excuse that I could get to be outside, I’m positive that disc golf is the answer. I’ve missed the Wednesday doubles (work), and the Saturday High Noon Showdowns (wedding planning) but have heard through the vine that they’re going strong.

We need more though, and I’m thinking that it’s time to call out all the club members that haven’t been putting their club identity on the “edge”, aka, the only place to truly live. I think an effort from all the “I’ve got 45 minuets, I’ll do another round if we play fast” people to challenge one person from the club who hasn’t gotten involved yet is in order. In my mind, the challenges will be in the same spirit as we’ve already established; fun first, meet new people, take all comers, and if you beat me it’s just an excuse for me to play you twice as hard tomorrow.

The contact page has everybody’s email addresses’ and a lot of phone numbers. Under club rules anyone 5 places in front of you on the tag rankings has to accept a challenge and find a agreeable date for a game in 2 weeks. But like I said this is not an excuse to weasel anyone out of their tag, just an attempt to involve people who willingly signed up for the club in the first place (that said, I can hear the saliva dripping on the #2 and #3 tags from here). Call it forced fun for the uninvolved if you will, but it isn’t like anyone tried to make them play in the snow.

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Disc Golf Doubles

Posted by mojo28 on April 4, 2008

We have completed two weeks of Disc Golf Doubles. On March 26, we had 8 official participants, with the team of Ryan and Steve recording a hot 48. Second team was Johnny and Mike with a round of 52. Next was the Ricksters, Rick and Ricky with a 54. Finishing the card was the team of Ed and Kevin with a round of 59. Lots of players on the course that evening, with Doubles, a bag tag challenge, and several groups of college students enjoying the Westover Disc Golf Coruse!

The next week, we saw 14 Doubles players. The top card on April 2 was Rex and Steve with a score of 50. Hmmmm, that’s two weeks in a row that Steve is on the top card. Break up the dynasty! There was a tie for second with Joe and Kevin sharing a score of 54 with Johnny and Rick. Mike and Ed were next with a 56, followed by Jeff and Becky with a 58. Chris and Theo came in with a 62, followed by a card of 69 with names I could not read. With a 69, no wonder! Sorry about that!

Disc Golf Doubles is open to any player of any ability. You do not have to belong to the Club, or be a Bag Tag participant. We begin at 5:30 with a blind draw to determine partners. Both players throw from the same spot, taking the best of the two throws. It is a great way for players to meet new players, learn new skills and techniques unique to Westover. It is a very low key event, with more laughter than anguish! Come on out for a mid-week evening of fun. We are usually done by 7:30.

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Youth Disc Golf Clinic

Posted by mojo28 on April 4, 2008

Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation is offering this program to area youth on Saturdays, May 31, June 7 and 14. There are two age divisions, with ages 8-11 meeting from 9:30-10:30, and ages 12-17 meeting from 10:45-11:45. The goal is to get as many of our area youth introduced to the game we all love (most of the time!) We will cover the basic driving techniques, approach shots, various putting techniques and stances, etiquette, all kinds of good stuff!

We are looking for Club members to give a little back to get the kids involved. If anyone feels that they can volunteer to show some kids any or all of the topics mentioned above, please contact Ed Steele at eds@harrisonburgva.gov, or at work at 433-2474, home 434-2035, or cell at 271-0441. The best part is that we finish just in time for 12:00 bag tag challenge!

Parks and Rec is charging a $20 fee for participants, and will provide a 3 disc starter pack to each youth that registers.

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Staunton is Different

Posted by tbrady on April 1, 2008

Staunton is different (as noted above) but not because they’ve decided to pronounce all the letters in their name, their disc golf course has changed. What was hole 3 is now hole 1, former up is now down, and black is actually white. Overall, the new hole placements were tastefully done, and I don’t think any past fans of the course will be upset unless they’re like me (I hate change) and are irked when one bar of soap dissolves and they have to open a new one.

In other news, Steve found tag #13 on the course the other day, I believe it’s Theo’s, in which case he can claim it at any time. If it’s some kind of cursed booby trap, I guess I’ll catch on to the joke when I wake up with a shrunken head…

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