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Wednesday Doubles?

Posted by johnmarr on March 24, 2008

Over the last few weeks I’ve heard a number of people mention that they would like to re-start the weekly doubles games from last year.  It looks like Mike Cast is going to try and make that noble dream a reality.  Mike wants to know how many people are interested in joining him every Wednesday for an afternoon of disc golf bliss.

In case you don’t already know how doubles play (sometimes called Captain’s Choice) works here is a brief explanation from wikipedia:

“Doubles play is a unique style of play that many local courses offer on a weekly basis. In this format, teams of two golfers are determined. Sometime this is done by random draw, and other times it is a pro-am format. On the course, it is a ‘best-disc’ scramble. Meaning both players throw their tee shot, and then decide which lie they would like to play. Both players then play from the same lie, again choosing which lie is preferable. ”

That explanation is pretty dry, and omits the most important part of doubles play – it’s a really good time.  (Not like the good time attached to Ryan Zale’s name on every men’s room stall in Harrisonburg, but a different kind of fun experience. )  Also – your Bag Tag won’t be on the line in doubles play, so there’s no pressure. 

If you want to help start this weekly event please message below to share your interest.   If public forums aren’t quite your thing contact Mike Cast directly. 

I’m pretty excited about this starting up again, and I’m looking forward to getting out on the course. 


6 Responses to “Wednesday Doubles?”

  1. Bell said

    I was just talking about this with my neighboor this weekend. Sounds like a blast.

  2. Mike Cast said

    Consensus seems to be a 5:30 start, random teams.

    If Ed’s reading maybe he can hang a sign on the pavillion for us.

  3. Ed Steele said

    Doubles will begin on a weekly basis on Wednesday, March 26. We would like to have the first group ready to tee off at 5:30 pm. This should give us close to 2 hours of daylight to finish. The days will only be getting longer!
    I’ll have score cards ready at the Rec Center front desk. I have a meeting that is supposed to last till 5:30, but hopefully it will release earlier. If I’m not here at 5:30, scorecards will be at the front desk. Like the bag tags, please turn in your scorecards when finished. We’ll post weekly pairings and scores on the web, and kiosk.

  4. Bell said

    Just curious, do you need a bag tag to come play. I’d like to come out today if some people are going to be there but I don’t have a tag. Didn’t really see the point in getting one considering i usually shoot about 20 over.

  5. john griffan said

    No you do not need a tag to play doubles. But you should consider getting a tag (We have plenty of players who are
    in your skill level that is the realy cool thing about the tags you can meet and play people who are compatible with your skills) Plus being a member goes a long way toward promoting disc golf. (and it’s only 10 bucks)

  6. johnmarr said


    As Johnny said – you definitely don’t need a tag to come play the doubles matches. In fact, the tags aren’t even “in-play” during any doubles games.

    You don’t need a tag to get out and play with other guys in the bag-tag either. I played a round last night that had a mix of bag-taggers and non-members. It’s just easier to organize games through the tags.

    As one of the players that regularly shoots between 15 and 20, I would definitely encourage you to get a tag and join in the fun. I wouldn’t be too nervous about shooting a 20 as it seems like there are actually only a few “really good” players in the competition. Most people seem to stick with double-digit scores.

    Nearly everyone that I have spoken with views the bag tag as a way to meet other players in the area, and also as a really good excuse to get out and play a round or two. I haven’t run across anyone yet who is fiercely competitive. Don’t get me wrong, there is a fair amount of trash –talking among friends, but it’s nothing serious. Everyone is out to have a good time and hurl a few discs.

    Plus the more often you play, the better you’ll get. In theory anyway – it hasn’t worked out yet for me. 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll see you out on the course.


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