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Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by johnmarr on March 21, 2008

Ed Steele just told me that there is an Easter Egg Hunt planned at Westover Park this Saturday.  “The Easter Egg Hunt is being held tomorrow at 10:00 am. Please spread the word for any early rounds. Holes 1-3, 10-13, and 16-18 will be affected until about 10:15 am. Watch out for Bunny droppings!”

The bad news – most of the course will be affected until about 10:30am on Saturday, so no early rounds. 

The good news – nobody likes to get up that early anyway.  Our weekly 12-noon game won’t be affected.   

The better news – there is a slim possibility that some of the Easter eggs may still be on the course later in the day.  There’s really nothing like free candy. 


7 Responses to “Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. tbrady said

    Kids and candy are like sharks with blood, they can smell a jelly bean from a mile away. If you want any free candy my guess is you’re going to have to push them over and take it from them (not recommended…some of them bite).

  2. ryan z said

    Hey Tim, i recently bought a basket. We should get together and set up a mini par two course in my backyard. The main problem is i dont know if i have a day off in the next couple of months!Any who its a good reason to drink and leave the wifes at home. And yes jmarr you are invited too.

  3. johnmarr said

    Thanks for the invite Ryan. I’m still waiting for our match; I figured we could title it something like “Marr vs Zale: The Messover at Westover”. You’ll notice I got top billing.

  4. Tim said

    “Brady hits Marr and Zale in the face with a football, then learns a valuble lesson about how important winning is” feels like a good title to me, any objections? I’m sensing a chance for disc domination, can’t wait.

    I know this is late notice but Bill W. and I are planning on playing Staunton tomorrow afternoon (3/23), any one else who is interested in playing hit me up at timandkelly@midtownemarket.com and we’ll all play together.

    Also (there will be a follow up post), but Johnny is organizing a trip to his favorite par 100 (you read that right, 100) hole for next Sunday (3/30). It takes place just south of Woodstock and is in a national park so nobody has to worry about legality issues.

    I bet I can shoot a ten over!!!

  5. johnmarr said


    What legality issues are you talking about?

  6. bill said


  7. tbrady said

    No legality issues, it’s at the Newmarket Battlefield and Johnny assures me that there is no trespassing issues at all since it is a public park. Trespassing is what I was worried about when I heard about the idea but it is not a concern.

    I’ll get with Johnny to make sure the details are posted in time for this weekend.

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