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M. Cast, Transfiguration of #1

Posted by tbrady on March 14, 2008

Quick respect for Mike Cast, as everyone saw from the comments on the last thread, the #1 has a new ward.  The tag is claimed, and now Mike is the man.  If anyone’s trying to take him down, I suggest offering a skunked Tupper’s, one sip could very well force a missed birdie attempt, or if really rotten, a roll down the hill on hole 11.  Normally, I would never offer insight on another players Achilles heel, but hey,  he is number one.

 The Saturday High Noon Showdown is on schedule once again, all players, regardless of tag or skill, are encouraged to show up. 

Membership has hit 40, awesome, with the momentum that we have, I forsee a spring full of of disc golf.


8 Responses to “M. Cast, Transfiguration of #1”

  1. David Miller said

    For those of us unable to attend the Sat festivities or those who just need more throws afterwards, don’t forget Sunday morning challenge(following mimosas a la Cally’s) we play! Join me if you’d like. I can offer the challenge of #16 for those who desire it 🙂

  2. john griffan said

    If you really want to mess with mikes head i suggest a Urthel hop-it with enough hopps to gag the average beer lover. Also i would like to challange “big joe the elbow” to a round this weekend so i can whip his butt again and take his #4 tag!!!!!

  3. Tim said

    Hey guys, I’m going to be in DC this weekend, therefore missing the saturday play. I hope you all throw well though.

  4. Joe "Elbow" Deely said

    I here Mike Cast is a chicken.

  5. sp said

    I hear Joe deely is an egg.

  6. Joe "Elbow" Deely said

    So I finally got MR. #1 to come out and play. Boy was he sorry. He should of stayed home and curled under his covers stroking his #1. Even with all the wind Jeff manage to hit 5 birds, including a hat trick of 3,4, and 5. He ended up with a score of -3. This is pretty good for a 50 year old fart who couldn’t jump over a piece of toast. Way to go. Well played. Yadda yadda yadda. So people need to be gunning for this guy. Jeff Hoodock public disc golf tosser #1. YOU’RE GOING DOWN!

  7. JimmyJames said

    Mike Cast. He’s Last.

    Jeff Hoodock. My boy!

    Joe Deely. Everybody’s toy.

  8. Tim said

    Mr. Deely has never been a toy in my mind. Sure he’s “winded up” and sunk some birds against me, had some “play-action-robo-arm” amazing drives in my presents, and “cake and baked” some amazing putts, but a toy…you all are shameless. Respect a He-man for what he is.

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