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Hail=hard to putt

Posted by tbrady on March 8, 2008

So, five players showed for the weekly High Noon Showdown at Westover today, proving that when we say rain or shine we mean rain and/or shine.  The day was actually very pretty until we got to about hole 12, in the course of minuets the sun shine was gone and it was hailing.  I don’t really know where the line is between a fun hobby and an obsession, or, for that matter, where the five of us fell today, but we decided to finish the round out after the hail stopped (the rain did not).  Brad Fiala shot a 2 over and won the card, Nathan Tally, myself, Steve Blackmer and Peter Norment all get “tough guy” awards though. 

Peter is looking for a game at 1 tomorrow afternoon, I think most the guys who played today will be there as well, but all others are encouraged to get a round in as well.  The weather is supposed to be much nicer than today’s was.


11 Responses to “Hail=hard to putt”

  1. bill said

    “in the course of minuets the sun shine was gone and it was hailing”

    Who kept time? Do you count it out in three like a waltz, and wasn’t it a little slippery in the mud and hail?

  2. Tim said

    Waltzing, waltzing, waltzing, always talking about waltzing. Go to a damn Renaissance festival already. It will take you about 2 hours and 45 damn minutes to get there.

    I’ll see you on the course Wonneberger…or maybe at Cally’s, but the implied threat applies to the course.

  3. finnegan said

    I think Bill is referring to this: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Minuets

    I got to hole 7, and I bailed when it hailed.

  4. bill said

    I’ll be there unless its cold and windy, or hailing, or raining, or some such nastiness that might muss my hair.

    Yes Brent, I was referring to the 3/4 count. A waltz in counted in 3. I just wondered how they might differ.

    The Renaissance didn’t have the waltz yet Tim, they came later (I think around 1800).

  5. Tim said

    Yes, I get the minuet/minute thing, hence the “45 damn minutes” (note the correct spelling) comment. All apologizes, I thought that subtlety was your alls strong suit, certainly is when it comes to spelling and ballroom dancing.

    Thanks, you guys make me a better person.

  6. David Miller said

    Would someone email me Ryan Zales’ phone number please

  7. john griffan said

    Once again I have managed to hold off Joe the Elbow and still hold on to the no.#1 tag!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also it looks like I may be playing a round at 3:30 or so with J.J. so come on out (this may be our last chance to whip his butt before he splits town.)

  8. john griffan said

    YO mike took the #1 tag and I,m now #6 (good round mike you whipped me good).

  9. JimmyJames said

    Yeah, Mikey ended up the #1 tag but not before I shamelessly took it from Johnny (leaving him with the ghost #38) at the Missing Links on Wednesday. So technically, I went from #38 to #1!

    But then in the 9-hole rematch, Mikey took the #1 with some spectacular play including an almost blind birdie over the big cedar at hole #15. Then Johnny claimed the #6 in a Blind, Left-handed Death match which plummeted me back to #38!

    From #38 to #1 and back again. Fleeting fame is the story of my life.

    Quote of the day comes from Johnny G. at the #9 tee: “Just turn … and fucking shoot! It’s as simple as that!”
    Then, after taking a six on #9, he admitted he rarely takes his own advice.


  10. john griffan said

    That’s a circle 6 on #9 (but it still made me want to cry like a little girl.) and the quote should be that
    “sometimes it’s better to just turn and F-ing shoot.”

  11. JimmyJames said

    Sometimes it is!

    I stand corrected.


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