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Mama says, “Bring your tag to the course”

Posted by tbrady on March 6, 2008

Hey, we’ve ran in to a couple recent occurrences of tags not getting passed after a game because somebody forgot it and couldn’t pass it on.  Everything has worked out fine but I’m worried that a chain reaction of disaster can be set off:

 Setting:  Westover, 1:15 Saturday afternoon (all characters are fictional)

Mick Jagger:  “What a smashing round, I can’t believe I got through those trees on ‘even, especially considering that mushroom omelet Keith made me this morning.

 Dolly Pardon:  Got to say you beat me fair and square, your drives were straighter than a dead opossums tail despite the distraction of my plunging neck line.  Mick, I owe you the  #16 tag that I won the other day from Mitch Hedberg but he said he plum forgot it.  He pondered that “he used to do drugs, still does, but used to too,” guess that explains it.   We can notify the web-site but no tag for you until ol’ Mitchy coughs it up.

Mick:  But I played so hard for it, {he sobs…quietly to himself} I used to be determined that I could sing into my 80s, maybe 90s,  but me thinks my spirit has been broken.  What use is trying hard if I can’t hold me tag in me hand?

So, if you’re enjoying bagtag, or want to see the Stones play live again, do your best to bring your tag our with you when you come to the course, it just makes things easier.  I am setting up special board at Midtowne where tags that need to find their new owners can be dropped off.  Hopefully, it will help, but it is much easier to be able to exchange right after the game is over. 

 PS.  If anyone is still holding the 10 tag, get in contact with James Beasly through the “player contact” page or drop it at Midtowne, he isn’t in the Stones, but I will sob quietly for him if he can’t get his much deserved #10.


12 Responses to “Mama says, “Bring your tag to the course””

  1. ryan z said

    I should still be at the 16th place. I only play on Mondays,if i am lucky, plus there is No way Aaron beet me!

  2. johnmarr said

    Sorry Ryan,

    Johnny said he played with you. We’ll get the rankings straight sometime today. Hopefully.

  3. bill said

    Hey Tim!
    I tried to post results and the password thing came up.

    Peter Norment and I switched tags yesterday. Deely stayed the same.

  4. johnmarr said


    I’ll update the rankings, but what password are you refering to? If it’s on the forum, you just need to register as a forum user.

    Let me know if I can help.


  5. bill said

    Thanks John, I’ll give it a shot

  6. bill said

    OK, apparently I already registered and forgot all about it. I have no idea about my name or password

  7. johnmarr said

    Your username is definitely: Bill Wonneberger.

    To retrieve your password click the login tab, and look for the link that says “forgot your password”. That should guide you to it.

    Hope that helps.

  8. johnny2trees said

    If you want to play for tags bring your tag!! duh!!!

  9. johnny2trees said

    midtowne market is NOT a lost and found IF you do not have your tag you do not play for tags!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tim said

    Anybody wanting to post results can post them on any thread on this web site. The way it’s set up we will see it on the sidebar, I would recomend the top thread, but like I said anyone of them will work.

    Please, please, please, post bagtag results, we can not keep the site up to date without info.

    I’m thinking that the best way to do it would be to ask the winning player on a card to record and report the results for the day. We simply cannot keep the site up to date without the info, so it makes sense to ask the winner, the person who is happiest with the way the round went, to informe the community of where the tags are at. Way open to other ideas, just need to hear a better one.

  11. Joe "Elbow" Deely said

    Where’s Johnny? I have a playoff time set up. I call his house to confirm. No Johnny! I leave a message. I wait by the phone. It doesn’t ring. No phone call. So, I call again. No Johnny. I leave a message. I wait by the phone. It doesn’t ring. No phone call. so I’m writing this wondering where he could be. I don’t think he’s hidding some where stroking his #1 tag. But maybe he is. Looking for my playoff. If anyone sees Johnny tell him I’m looking for him and his tag. Deely

  12. johnmarr said


    I would actually try to steer people away from posting results randomly on threads on this blog. It is entirely possible that if people start commenting regularly there would be too many comments to see a new one on the sidebar – updates would be missed.

    Instead, I would like to encourage everyone to email results to hburgdiscgolf@gmail.com. I think having one way to report scores instead of several will save us headaches in the long run, i.e. if we end up with a hundred guys/girls playing, and they are reporting scores in 3 or 4 different ways we are going to make mistakes.

    I think we should eliminate the option to post rankings on the forum for the same reason.


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