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So Happy

Posted by tbrady on March 2, 2008

Though this is a young site, I have to say that it has been very nice writing posts about how well Theo and of Brad played battling for the #1 tag, Mike’s impressive amount of birdies on a single round, the great turn out on so many days of group play, fuzzy things that may be pink, smooth jazz, kittens, all great, but now I’m going to talk about how I kicked ass today (as did Bill W.).

I had the day where you can’t hit a tree and can’t miss a putt at the Sherando course in Stevens City, it was great.  Shot a 3 over for the course (of course I got 4 or 5 shots I’d like back, should have been a 24 under), did I mention that it was great?  After chopping wood for the last three weeks it was nice to come off the course with that “I’m a bad ass” feeling.

If you’ve never played the SC course, it’s very fun.  Good mix of wooded and and open shots.  Some of the shots are “open” to the highest degree of the word…”the goal is very far away, throw it as far as you can.”  Much love for Westover but it is nice to be able to uncork sometimes without the ents clogging things up.  The SC holes through the woods have an interesting/fun take on them, even if there isn’t much distance, there is a lot of  technical.  One of the ones I remember best is a hole where you can see the goal about 150 feet away, but only because the leaves are down, there’s a huge grove of trees in between.  Possible to to shoot around the grove?   If you can get a huge fade right.   Shoot through it all?  Only with some guidence from above.  What about the hammer?  Well, I have seen Brad Fiala do it.  What to do?  I definately appreciate a hole that makes me want to come back and try a different approachs over and over again to see how to master it.

Great SC course, great weekend, great weather, great response to the club, things are great (have I said that?).


One Response to “So Happy”

  1. bill said

    Rumors abound that a certain person named Jeff Hoodock has entered into the realm of the tag. An anonymous source has informed me that Mr. Jimmy James (Jibbler) O’Hear, in an ill-fated attempt to defend his coveted #4 tag, has failed to maintain his dominance over his home court. Mr. Hoodock is supposedly now the proud holder of the #4 tag, and Mr. Jibbs is destined for a trip to Mid Town for the purpose of purchasing the #38 tag.

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