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The Blustery Day

Posted by tbrady on March 1, 2008

Despite high winds we had 6 tags show up for the weekly Saturday showdown.

 Mike Cast was a birdie machine (5,6,8,15,17), dropping drives near the pin at will, and nearly running away with the 6 tag.  I say nearly because newcomer Josh (last name to be added soon) played very consistently, forcing a playoff, and was barely edged out after 3 extra holes.  A great opening day for Josh, immediately placing him in the top ten.

Of course their will be another High Noon Showdown next Saturday, rain or shine (or wind), and everyone is encouraged to come out and play.  By “everyone” we mean everyone, you don’t need a tag, you don’t need discs (I got some loaners), and the rules are very simple.

 Just a reminder that we’re taking a field trip to the Sherando course tomorrow.  We’re meeting at Midtowne Market (Water st. between Luigi’s and Finnegan’s) at 12 noon.  The goal is to figure out carpools and be on the road by 12:15.  The course is about 45 minuets away, so you should expect to be out till 4 or 5.  I say that only because we had some upset wives/girlfriends after our last field trip to Staunton and that isn’t good for anybody (why won’t they just come play too?).


2 Responses to “The Blustery Day”

  1. bill said

    I’m going to leave from home. If anyone needs a ride give me a call. 540-421-0337

  2. Tim said

    Bill, I’ll call you as we leave Harrisonburg so you can judge when to leave. Good chance the lead car can just pick you up as we come through as well. We’ll talk tomorrow.

    If anyone else from N of town is in a similar situation you can let me know (540)435-6891, or just contact Bill and carpool.

    Directions to the Shearando course can be found at http://www.pdga.com/course/courses_by_city.php?id=882

    The weather is supposed to be about 55 tomorrow with much less wind (4 mph compared to todays 15) so it should be a great day to be outside.

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