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Archive for March, 2008

A Two-Trees challenge

Posted by tbrady on March 26, 2008

Hey everybody, Johnny’s planning a trip up to the Hone Quarry wilderness area to play a par 111 hole, he posted about it in the comments but I wanted to give it a bit more prominence. He wrote:

Come one come all to crazy johnny2trees par 111 one disc challenge this weekend Sat. the 29th. We will be meeting on the 18th hole at westover park at 11:30am and leaving soon after for Hone Quarry wilderness area to play 1 par 111 hole in the national forest (this is not a tag round) this hole is quite the beast and is played with one disc only (lose and lose the round) and do not forget to bring all your fav. wilderness supplies!!!!!

See you there if you dare!Johnny2trees

I apologize to anyone I confused when I wrote that the hole was at the New Market Battlefield, I was confused myself and apparently didn’t want to be the only one. Anyway, it sounds like a lot of fun, and I think I putt better with my driver anyway so I know that last shot is going to be a dead-ringer.

Of course, the Saturday High-Noon Showdown will still take place as it does every week for anyone without the time to go out to the Quarry.


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Tag 26 Where Are You?

Posted by earmanba on March 26, 2008

Sometime between 5 and 6:30 yesterday evening, the 26th tag was accidentally dropped somewhere at Westover.  If someone happens to find it, please email hburgdiscgolf@gmail.com and/or drop it off at Midtowne Market so it can be returned to its rightful owner.

Thank you Thank you.

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Wednesday Doubles?

Posted by johnmarr on March 24, 2008

Over the last few weeks I’ve heard a number of people mention that they would like to re-start the weekly doubles games from last year.  It looks like Mike Cast is going to try and make that noble dream a reality.  Mike wants to know how many people are interested in joining him every Wednesday for an afternoon of disc golf bliss.

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Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by johnmarr on March 21, 2008

Ed Steele just told me that there is an Easter Egg Hunt planned at Westover Park this Saturday.  “The Easter Egg Hunt is being held tomorrow at 10:00 am. Please spread the word for any early rounds. Holes 1-3, 10-13, and 16-18 will be affected until about 10:15 am. Watch out for Bunny droppings!”

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Last Saturday’s Results

Posted by johnmarr on March 20, 2008

No one has come forward with the full results of last Saturday’s group play, which makes it pretty difficult to update the rankings.  If anyone has any information regarding what happened last Saturday, please let us know. 



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Timber Ridge Open

Posted by johnmarr on March 14, 2008

Our friends form the BRDGC posted information about the Timber Ridge Open on our forum, they said it best so:

“Our friend in the south part of the state, Vince Worley, will host the Timber Ridge Open April 20th. Vince has a beautiful farm which supports an 18 hole disc golf course in Bedford, Virginia.  If you are interested in learning more about this PDGA Tier C event please hit the link to contact Vince directly.  http://www.piedmontdgc.org/

It seems like it may be a fun opportunity for a road trip…

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M. Cast, Transfiguration of #1

Posted by tbrady on March 14, 2008

Quick respect for Mike Cast, as everyone saw from the comments on the last thread, the #1 has a new ward.  The tag is claimed, and now Mike is the man.  If anyone’s trying to take him down, I suggest offering a skunked Tupper’s, one sip could very well force a missed birdie attempt, or if really rotten, a roll down the hill on hole 11.  Normally, I would never offer insight on another players Achilles heel, but hey,  he is number one.

 The Saturday High Noon Showdown is on schedule once again, all players, regardless of tag or skill, are encouraged to show up. 

Membership has hit 40, awesome, with the momentum that we have, I forsee a spring full of of disc golf.

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Hail=hard to putt

Posted by tbrady on March 8, 2008

So, five players showed for the weekly High Noon Showdown at Westover today, proving that when we say rain or shine we mean rain and/or shine.  The day was actually very pretty until we got to about hole 12, in the course of minuets the sun shine was gone and it was hailing.  I don’t really know where the line is between a fun hobby and an obsession, or, for that matter, where the five of us fell today, but we decided to finish the round out after the hail stopped (the rain did not).  Brad Fiala shot a 2 over and won the card, Nathan Tally, myself, Steve Blackmer and Peter Norment all get “tough guy” awards though. 

Peter is looking for a game at 1 tomorrow afternoon, I think most the guys who played today will be there as well, but all others are encouraged to get a round in as well.  The weather is supposed to be much nicer than today’s was.

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Mama says, “Bring your tag to the course”

Posted by tbrady on March 6, 2008

Hey, we’ve ran in to a couple recent occurrences of tags not getting passed after a game because somebody forgot it and couldn’t pass it on.  Everything has worked out fine but I’m worried that a chain reaction of disaster can be set off:

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So Happy

Posted by tbrady on March 2, 2008

Though this is a young site, I have to say that it has been very nice writing posts about how well Theo and of Brad played battling for the #1 tag, Mike’s impressive amount of birdies on a single round, the great turn out on so many days of group play, fuzzy things that may be pink, smooth jazz, kittens, all great, but now I’m going to talk about how I kicked ass today (as did Bill W.).

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