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I’m in love with rock and roll, and I’ll be out all night…

Posted by tbrady on February 26, 2008

…it’s hard thinking of catchy titles so I used my favorite rock lyric.

 This Sunday we’re organizing a field trip to the Sherando Course in Stevens City (directions).  The trip will be Sunday March 2 and we’ll be meeting at Midtowne Market (Water St.) at 12.  The whole trip will be very similar to the trip that we took to the Staunton course last weekend, once everyone meets we’ll figure out carpools, bag-tag is encouraged but not required, I’ll hit a lot of trees….

 I’ve never played the Sherando course but I’ve only heard great things about it.  It’s a little north of Woodstock so I’m guessing it will be about a 45 minute drive, all the more reason to carpool.  I’d love to hear some feed back from people who think they might be able to make the trip or from players who’ve played the Sherando course and have some insight/opinions about it.  

Of course the Saturday (March 1st) afternoon High Noon Showdown will still take place at Westover park for all players, tagged or not, who want a fun game a DG.

 Other news:  Want to welcome three new players who joined over the last weekend.  Jin Kim, Chris Roberts, and Stephan Blackmer all joined last weekend and brought our HBDC membership up to 34  33.  For a month old club, playing an outdoor game in February, I got to say we’re doing pretty damn good.  Web site hits are averaging about 40 a day as well,  I don’t think it’s out of line to say that the idea is a hit.  Lets hear some feedback on ways to keep the momentum going.


18 Responses to “I’m in love with rock and roll, and I’ll be out all night…”

  1. Tim said

    Rex, I challage you. You better bring your milkshake to the y ard. Shy is for sissys.

  2. bill said

    If people living north of town want to meet at my house or in Broadway let me know.

  3. johnmarr said

    We can welcome 3 more members to the group: Karl Shank, Pete Bsumek, and Dustin Williamson.

  4. johnmarr said


    I just looked at our blog stats:

    We launched the site 32 days ago.

    We have 2262 total views.

    Based on those numbers, we are actually averaging about 70 views per day.


  5. johnny2trees said

    I’m looking forward to the fieldtrip to sherando and hope lots of folks come out to play esp. those who have never played the course.(you will love it!!) Also I will be at westover at 11:00 am sat. for fly and buy so come on out and try some Discraft. (Sorry I did’nt make it out last sat. morning. due to a wicked hangover)(Could that be why I shot a 13 over?) See you on the links.


  6. johnny2trees said

    After some thought on how to keep new members comeing in I think it would be to our advange to use our current members as a base to bring in more members. So I would like to issue a challange to every member to recruit 1 new member in the new 30 days.

  7. JimmyJames said

    New members, yes we need them too but how about some of the stodgy old fart holdouts?

    For example, I would love to challenge Jeff Hoodock … if he wasn’t such a Sissyboy.

    He’s been playing disc golf since the 1970’s and he refuses to pony up for a simple tag at his favorite course. Why? … because he is just too damn skeert to lose it!

    Oh he’s got a million-and-one sissyboy excuses why he won’t join but come on, it’s just $10 bucks and he plays all the time?

    That didn’t even stop Joe Deely! Well, the $10 bucks would have ’cause he’s such a cheap-ass mofo but at least he ain’t a skeert sissyboy like Jeff Hoodock!

    Jeff Hoodock, we want a m-f’n piece of your skeert little sissyboy ass and we want it now!

    We ain’t giving up anytime soon so how long are you gonna keep us waiting? I though we were your friends? What will it take to get you in the game? Why are you being such a Sissy? How long will I have to publicly berate you before you join? Do we need to buy your f-ing tag for you too, like Joe Deely? WTF?

  8. sp said

    jibble has spoken, from the dodgy 3 tag that has been colored all red to blend in with itself. An enigma within itself.
    But better then Hoodocking. I’ll put up the first buck for his tag and another buck for his next excuse.

  9. sp said

    or close to the 3 tag

  10. JimmyJames said


    Your buck and mine make $2 for the Hoodock fund. Any others want to donate a buck for a good old-fashioned Hoodocking?

    Hoodocking indeed … Very funny but more aptly described as “Hooducking”. As in: Hooducking my challenge?

    And SP, while I appreciate your confidence but it’s just the 4 tag and it was really hard to find a red marker that matched the tag so give me a little credit, will ya?

  11. johnny2trees said

    Perhaps Hoodock just feels that his skills on the links are not up to par and that he can’t hang with the big boys.
    So in the hope of helping him obtain true discgolf enlightenment that we all know can only be gained through membership in the harrisonburg discgolf club I offer these quotes from the Dahili lama and Buddha.

    “You only lose what you cling to.” Buddha

    “To be idle is a short road to death.” Buddha

    “The greatest effort is not concerned with results.” Buddha

    “When you lose don’t lose the lesson.” The Dahili Lama

  12. johnny2trees said

    I almost forgot I have an old bent up dime I found on the sidewalk the other day and will donate it towards Hoodocks tag.

  13. JBHoodock said

    Hmmm… flamed on an Internet blog I had never even visited before- gotta love that!
    JJ had to tell me about his blurt as we prepared to play his course, yesterday. He acted apologetic, but his contrition was suspect. Then he bet me his tag on the results of our day’s play.
    So now Sissyboy, (yours truly) has this little red piece of rubber with a “4” on it. I am not yet a registered member of the bag-tag clatch, so it is simply property won on a bet. I’m seriously considering just hanging the tag on my wall, as an object lesson in manners to JimmieJames.
    Also, SP, my dog ate my homework, so you owe me another buck toward my tag.
    See y’all on the course.

  14. Tim said

    Jeff, if it makes you feel any better I’m sure JJ is truly sorry he didn’t win.

    Welcome to the club, I congratulate you on your unique path to membership, I’ll update the rankings shortly. If you email me your contact info I’ll add you to the list (timandkelly@midtownemarket.com). Be careful, that 4 tag will have people gunning for you, somehow I feel that JJ might be first on the list.

  15. sp said

    fair enough i’ll forward my 2 bucks to Deely, for the purchase of jj’s #38

  16. Joe "Elbow" Deely said

    Nothing like a 38 special. It is good to see my friends go at it. All money collected for the Jeff fund should go towards the Church of the Blue Dome. Fly in peace!

  17. johnny2trees said

    Wow, I can’t explain it but, I just went from the teens to #37 in 4 rounds last weekend.(ouch!!) but then went from #37 to #1 in two rounds yesterday!!!! (never say die.)

  18. I enjoy, cause I found exactly what I was looking for.
    You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day.

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