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Greene County Course

Posted by johnmarr on February 21, 2008

I’m not sure how many of you caught this on the forum, but I figured it was probably a good thing to share.

gcdiscgolf wrote:

“Greetings from the east side of the mountain. Great to see that the GC has been added as a topic on the board and I want to give you an update on the status of the course.

Greene County authorized harvesting of mature trees, which took place November – January. While the harvesting is complete the back 1/3 of the course is unplayable at this time. We are currently working with GC Parks/Rec to solve this problem, so in the meantime the course can be played in either a 9 hole or 12 hole configuration.

Complete details at our CLUB web site www.avenue.org/brdgc

Will keep you posted as status of this course changes. “


4 Responses to “Greene County Course”

  1. Tim said

    I hope this course reopens on schedule, it’s a fun course dispite the fact that I spend most of my round in the underbrush.

    I’m curious how bad the equipment needed for “harvesting of mature trees” will tear things up. The dense natural woods aspect of the course is where it draws its beauty from.

  2. johnmarr said


    I saw a picture the other day on the BRDGC site (?), the course looked pretty sad. It wasn’t so much the equipment that made the biggest impact on me, it was that all the trees were gone around the hole. It seemed nearly clear cut in the pic. I’m hoping that picture was taken from an “odd” angle that made it seem worse than it is.*

    I also know that they are looking for help cleaning up the course, and making it playable. If anyone is interested they should check out this thread from their forum.

    *Unfortunately I can’t find that picture posted anywhere now. If anyone has access to it,or others, please feel free to post the links.

  3. bill said

    Hey guys, if I have to endure the humiliation of dropping 16, I think Theo should have to be held to the same standard. I believe he is -13 not -3. Just sayin.
    The second round was far less painful.
    Watch out Norment, I’m comin to get ya

  4. johnmarr said


    Theo was ranked 11th after the first round on Saturday, so when I updated the site he was listed as (-10). Then he played another round and dropped to 14th, so after I got the update on the new ranks I listed him as (-3). Sorry his number isn’t larger, but since those (+/-) numbers only reflect a player’s most recent game he’s only a (-3).

    Isn’t it bad enough that he went from 1st to 14th with two losses in one day? 🙂


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