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A Big DG Weekend

Posted by tbrady on February 18, 2008

Lots of tag action this past weekend, 7 guys showed up at noon Saturday for a round which saw the #1 tag change hands yet again.  Theo Stahl and Brad Fiala went down to extra innings to decide who came away with the top honor, it turned out to be Theo, after he edged out Brad in a playoff. 


This is a good opportunity to clarify how ties are decided in hburf bag-tag play.  Basically if two players are tied after the 18 holes are finished, the player with the higher tag picks any hole on the course as a sudden death hole.  If both players get the same score on the first playoff hole, the player with the lower number picks the next playoff hole.  Brad and Theo choose to replay 17, which they both pared, so they continued on to 18 where Brad got a 4 but Theo pared, securing his win.  I feel like my explanation sounds confusing but I can’t think of a better way of saying it.

Sunday, we had 13 hburg players for our field trip down to the Staunton course, definitely a great turn out.  Joe Deely was Mr. Consistency, hitting 14 pars, 2 bogeys, and 2 birds to finish at even for the day.  With the turn out that we had I think we should plan another field trip soon, the Sherando course has been suggested, and I’m thinking that the Sunday after this one would be best (3/1).  We have enough time that suggestions on a different time or date are welcome but Sundays do seem to be the most mutually agreeable. 

 Feel free to post with any ideas/suggestions, I know I’ve recently played with 5 or 6 people I’d never played with before this web site was started, hopefully that trend will continue.


4 Responses to “A Big DG Weekend”

  1. bill said

    Hey Tim, Joe Deely came in with number 22 on Sunday. Guess that makes him +14.

  2. Tim said

    Good catch Bill, hope to see you soon and see if I can rassel that 15 tag from you.

  3. Joe "Elbow" Deely said

    8 Sucks! I what Theo! #1 baby. Beware the lefty. Deely

  4. Joe "Elbow" Deely said

    Ken Climo is a weenie. I want Theo! I hear lefty is a giant in his own time. Deely

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