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Sunday Field Trip

Posted by tbrady on February 13, 2008

Ryan Zale has suggested a hburgdiscgolf field-trip to Staunton this Sunday and I personally think it is a great idea.  The plan is to meet at Midtowne Market (20 West Water St.) at noon on Sunday and carpool down to the Montgomery Hall course (directions) for a fun round with friends on a foreign course.  Any out of towners who want to play but don’t want to meet in Harrisonburg can go straight to the Staunton course and expect us between 12:45 and 1:00 PM.  Bag tag play is encouraged but certainly not required due to the alien nature of the course.

 I’ve only played the Staunton course one time but really enjoyed it.  It has it’s tough wooded holes like Westover but about half the round is wide open and encourages you to chuck the disc as far as possible.  Danger and delight, lots of fun.  I’d like to hear others thoughts on the course (especially strategy) and hope to see lots of people on Sunday.


6 Responses to “Sunday Field Trip”

  1. Tim said

    Harper, I’m calling you out personally…how long can you bottom feed?

  2. johnmarr said

    Why do I always have to work on Sundays?

  3. johnmarr said

    BTW Tim,

    Harper is dangerous at Staunton.

  4. Bell said

    I’ve played down there once, it’s a really fun course. There are definitely some real long wide open holes where you can really uncork one. There are also some pretty treacherous thorn bushes to watch out for if you miss the fairway on some holes. I made the mistake of wearing shorts and had one hell of a time getting my disc out of the thorns.

  5. earmanba said

    It’s real nice to throw a disc without the possibilities of hitting a tree. That in itself is worth the trip.

  6. David Miller said

    I’ll be joining you guys too. Can’t wait but I hope the wind isn’t to bad.

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