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Saturday Bag Tag Play

Posted by tbrady on February 11, 2008

Last Saturday at high Noon we had some “all are welcome” bag tag play that ended up involving a six way tag exchange.  Johnny Griffen and Mike Cast ended up taking the day as well as the 6 and 7 tags.  They were hotly pursued by Ben Earman and John Marr who both threw great rounds to remain in the top 15.  Brent Finnegan and I both took steep falls in the rankings but we look forward to re-rising, phoenix style, at a latter date.

 Johnny and I are both planning on being at the course at noon on Saturday once again so anyone looking for a game is encouraged to come and play.

Side note:  Johnny’s inventory of new DiscCraft discs is in at Midtowne Market on West Water St.  He’s still in the process of setting up but he has some really cool discs and a wide selection so stop by and check it out if interested.  He’ll be posting with more details soon or you can see him at Midtowne Tuesday-Friday 8 am-4 pm.


6 Responses to “Saturday Bag Tag Play”

  1. finnegan said

    Minus 18. Wow. I mean, I knew I was bad, but minus 18?

    Oh well. I had fun anyway. I added a few pics to Flickr. I can add them to the disc golf pool when there is one. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bfinnegan/

  2. johnmarr said


    The 18 has nothing to do with your skills. That number just shows how many spaces you moved.

    So if you beat Nate (#1) you will get a +24 next to your name.

    Plus at this point the absolute worst case scenario is only a -3.

    It was a lot of fun playing with you, and we should do it again this week. You can beat me and get a +10.

  3. Tim said

    Actually, Brent’s right that the -18 was pretty bad but he was confused, the number wasn’t rating his disc golf game it was rating his breath. Brent what was that, salmon? garlic? dead squirle?

    Anyway, who ever is up for it come play Saturday, I’ll bring some Tic-Tacs. Tim

  4. Bell said

    Hey Brent, I didn’t know you played too. Me and my neighbor were planning on going out Sunday but 60 mph winds + disc golf does not = fun. maybe we’ll see you this weekend.

  5. finnegan said

    It was Huckabee’s squirrel stew. No good?

    Here’s a quick 18 second video I shot on Sat.

  6. ryan z said

    Are we still trying to get together this Sunday at noon to go play at Staunton?

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