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Favorite Hole?

Posted by johnmarr on February 4, 2008

Let’s get some conversation going on the site: 

My least favorite hole at Westover is definitely hole 18.  Since almost everyone I play with loves 18 I’m sure most of you are scratching your heads and asking why I don’t like the hole.  It’s because I am virtually guaranteed to hit at least a 4 on this long hole.  I have a short drive which does pretty well on most of the Westover course, but 18 crushes me.

My favorite hole at Westover is 6.  I really like the tall row of trees lining the right side of the alley and the pin placement to the left of the final tree stand.  This may also be my favorite because I can almost always get a par, which is great for an amateur like myself, and occasionally even pull off a bird.

I’m sure everyone else has a favorite/least favorite hole at Westover, what are yours?


3 Responses to “Favorite Hole?”

  1. Tim said

    Hole 7 is my least favorite by far, if I do make past the first tree I hit the second and the way the lane curves back to the left is exactely opposite of how my forehand drive naturally flys. I have nightmares about hole seven.

    My favorite might be hole 1. The challenge of keeping the drive low and flat and it’s long distance make it fun to play plus you know you got the rest of the course to enjoy in front of you.

  2. Ed Steele said

    I agree with Tim. Number 7 is a beast. It teases you with that straight alleyway that shows the basket. But only the bold, strong, straight arms should try. I try the left alley, but usually thwack a tree before it can curve back to the left for a decent approach.

    Fave? I’m beginning to like 15 with a backhand roller. Just beginning this throw, so more work on this shot is needed.

  3. Tim said

    After complaining about hole 7 my whole disc golg career, including last week on this site, I birdied it for the first time in my life last Saturday.

    After a good drive down the “pro” alley I had a clear look at the basket from about 150 feet out. Not even considering a bird as a possibility I threw my Wraith driver once again. Straight, flat, little dive to the right at the end, Slam! straight into the basket. I’ll never bird that hole again but I’ll definately enjoy the one I got. And big thanks to Johnny for the double shot of birdie juice he offered me once I stopped jumping around like an idiot.

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