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Midtowne Market

Posted by johnmarr on February 3, 2008

2008 Bag Tags are now available at Midtowne Market. (Thanks Midtowne!)


Most of the staff knows about the Bag Tags at this point, but there is a slight chance that you may walk in and talk to someone who doesn’t. If you find yourself in this most unfortunate situation, there are a couple options: you can ask when Johnny, Tim, or Dave works next and stop back in, or you can contact us at hburgdiscgolf@gmail.com and we will try to get you a tag ASAP.

For those of you that don’t know much about the store, Midtowne opened last year. It is located across from the Water Street Parking Deck in downtown Harrisonburg (next to Finnigan’s Cove). In addition to all of your standard convenience store fare they also carry a great selection of hard to find beer, local sandwiches, soups, & even sushi. Plus, if you are in the downtown area they may be able to deliver your food to you. I’m sure you all get the point – it’s definitely worth stopping in.  (If anyone has anything else to add, please comment.) Again I just want to thank all of the folks over at Midtowne for letting us use their store as a distribution point, its a big help! We should all make it a point to stop in and maybe even buy something.


2 Responses to “Midtowne Market”

  1. johnmarr said

    I forgot to mention that there are rumors that they will start selling discs in the very near future. Hopefully Johnny or Tim can give us some more info on that topic.

  2. Tim said

    John, thanks for the kind words about Midtowne.

    Like John says most of the staff knows whats up with the tags at this point but if you are in the store (especially after 6 PM) there is a slight chance of running in to an unimformed employee. In that situation new sign ups can ask the clerk to call me or return the next day when Johnny or Chris is there. Shouldn’t be long before everyone is up to speed though.

    One thing that is important to note though is the fact that we are only accepting cash from new signups. Since HDGC is completely seperate from Midtowne we can’t put new members $10 entery fee on credit cards. In a pinch we could except a check but cash is encouraged.

    It is true that Midtowne will soon be a licensed Disc Craft retailer but that’s Johnnys deal so I’ll just let him post info on that tomorrow so I don’t cause any confusion.

    I look forward to seeing everyone on the course, Tim

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