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The Ice Bowl Cometh

Posted by johnmarr on January 23, 2008

In case you haven’t heard already, the Ice Bowl is quickly approaching. The event will take place on February 2nd at Westover Park. It bills itself as “22 holes of freezing torture”, but it should still be a whole lot of fun.


Registration is between 11am and 12pm; tee-off is at 12:30.

I couldn’t find a cost to enter listed anywhere, but last year I think it was $10. (Hopefully someone will know, and post it in the comments.)  James listed below that it is $20.

The one thing that I am sure of is that all monetary proceeds are going to Our Community Place. http://www.ourcommunityplace.org/ (Their site seems to be down – sorry)

The organizers are also accepting canned-food donations which will be donated to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

If you are interested in taking part just meet at the Parks and Recreation Center located at Westover Park on the date of the event.

For more information please contact Johnny Griffin at johnny2trees@gmail.com.

Oh, I almost forgot about including a shameless plug for the 2008 Bag Tag. Our Bag Tag challenge is going to kick off directly after the Ice Bowl. We will randomly draw and assign tags to all registered players after the awards are handed out. If you are interested in signing up for the 2008 Bag Tag, or just want to throw some discs in a sub-freezing environment, the Ice Bowl is the place to be.


8 Responses to “The Ice Bowl Cometh”

  1. James Beasley said

    The fee is $20 which includes a players pack. There is more information located at:
    On Friday there will be a printable brochure added to the site to distribute amongst the community. For more information y

  2. James Beasley said

    For more information you can also contact Johnny @ 540-432-9212.

  3. Tim said

    I’m looking forward to my first Ice Bowl and have already been shopping for new wool socks and an industrial flask to keep my toes warm.

    Johnny Griffen makes a great point about food bank donations when he points out that they recieve lots of love around Christmas time but don’t get the same support in the months following. Making any Ice Bowl donations all the more appreciated.

    I just hope I have a respectable (not last) finish. But I’m sure it will be great regardless.

  4. johnmarr said

    James thanks for the update on pricing.

    What is in a “player’s pack”? Is it like last year where you got to pick an “Ice Bowl stamped” disc?

  5. James Beasley said

    Exactly. There will also be tons of prizes offered from our sponsors. All to benefit the community supporting those in need indeed. The bag tag start and the HBDGC as well. Its a win-win for everyone……and its fun. There is no reason not to play or atleast participate in the fund and food drive. You will also be on the ground level of the first disc golf club in H’burg since the course was created. Mr. Biscoe himself (PDGA rep. for Va.) stated that when the course was made that it would be one of the best courses in Virginia. Hole 11 “Biscoe’s Buffet” named dualy from his course alteration, continued help, and participation. Thanks to all!

  6. James Beasley said

    Our Communnity Place? try: http://www.ourcommunityplace.net

  7. johnmarr said

    Thanks for the link to Our Community Place, James.

  8. James Beasley said

    No problemo man. Looking forward to Saturday.

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